Admission / Withdrawal / Promotion

  • Promotion are granted on the basis of the whole years response. The Annual Examination is meant to confirm the result the result of the whole year’s performance. The decision of the school authorities with regard to promotion is final.
  • The Principal reserves to herself the right to refuse any admission without furnishing a reason.
  • At the time of admission, a student must produce a satisfactory evidence of date of birth or an affidavit certifying his date of birth.
  • The school leaving certificate of a student joining school from classes VI – IIX must be countersigned by the educational Authority of the District in which the previous school is situated for children coming from any District.
  • A School Leaving Certificate will not be issued until all fees is paid and dues are clear. Those students who leave in mid – session will have to pay for the Full Term.
  • A student, who fails for two consecutive years in the same class will be asked to leave the school.